Complaints Policy (Internal)

Complaints Policy (Internal)


This document is used to set out how a business will handle any complaints it receives. It is envisaged that this document will be used internally by staff and will guide and inform them as to how to manage any complaints and what process the company will follow should they receive any complaints from customers.


You should consider the following:

  • Who does the business envisage as likely to make complaints – Customers? Suppliers? Staff?
  • How will these complaints be made? Online? In writing? Over the telephone?
  • What are the timescales for complaints handling? When should staff respond to the complaint by? How will outcomes be communicated to the customer? Is there any appeals process? Are these timescales reasonable i.e. if the complaint is complicated who will be responsible for liaising with the complainant?
  • How does this policy fit within other policies the business has?
  • Will the business store data on complaints and complaints handling? If so, consideration of data protection policies may be necessary.
  • What is the process for escalating the complaint?

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