We have designed an affordable and convenient GDPR legal support package for Small Businesses to use.

How does our GDPR support work?

Simply read through the package benefits below. When you are ready to start making the most of our services, choose your preferred package and click the green Buy Now button.

Please note: There is a 12 month redemption period and this price is valid for one business audit i.e. it does not include e.g. subsidiaries. A “Small Business” is defined here as having “less than 50 employees & turnover under £1 million”. If your business is larger than this, please fill out our quick and easy GDPR Questionnaire. We will be happy to provide you with a quote for a package to suit your business size and requirements.

See further information about GDPR180 package on the next page here.

See further information about GDPR360 package (including your pre-audit prep tasks which you are required to complete) on the next page here.

GDPR180 - DIY Template Package

  • A full suite of 32 CloudLegal GDPR templates
  • One hour of expert consultancy around data mapping

GDPR360 - Consultant Led Audit Package

  • GDPR Awareness Workshop
  • GDPR Audit (consultant-led)
  • GDPR Compliance Task Schedule Recommendations
  • A full suite of 32 Cloudlegal GDPR templates

* 60% of the package price will be charged at checkout, balance payment of 40% shall be invoiced to you and shall be payable within 7 days of submission of the relevant suite of GDPR templates identified as being required in the GDPR Compliance Task Recommendations.