Wedding Planner & Co-ordinator Services Agreement (B2C)

Wedding Planner & Co-ordinator Services Agreement (B2C)


This is drafted in favour of the Wedding Planner/ Co-ordinator but is pretty balanced also and can easily be adapted. To be used when a to-be-wed couple (who are ‘consumers’ as defined in the Consumer Rights Act 2015) engage the services of a business to assist them in specifically, the planning and co-ordination of their wedding. The template is in three parts as follows:

  • Engagement Letter at the forefront inclusive together with the:
  • Engagement Confirmation (including Contracted Services Brief and Services Plan (including Service Inclusions & Service Exclusions)); and,
  • Engagement Service Terms (the ‘Terms’) (Schedule 1).


You should consider the following:

  • You can put your own spin on the Engagement Letter if you so choose.
  • Following discussions with your Customer, you should fill out all the non-legal, assignment-specific variables in the Engagement Confirmation in accordance with what was agree.
  • The Contracted Services Brief and Services Plan (including Service Inclusions & Service Exclusions – set out in full the scope of the services to be performed, when and at what price. Be as specific as possible to avoid misunderstanding and if you want to ensure that certain services are excluded, expressly refer to these.
  • The ‘Term’ of the agreement i.e. how long will this agreement be in operation? will there be a specific date for completion or will the agreement continue until such time as all the agreed work is completed?
  • Service Fees – Will the Wedding Planner be paid a set amount on a routine basis e.g. monthly – if so, how much and when? Alternatively, will the Wedding Planner be paid as and when certain stages/ milestones are completed? or, will the Wedding Planner be able to submit an invoice detailing how many hours they have worked on the project and be paid on that time and materials basis? Will this hourly rate be agreed in advance?
  • What will the arrangements be for charging for Additional Fees? For example, if work overruns or the nature of the services change which results in the Wedding Planner having to undertake Additional Work outside of the original scope etc – how will the Wedding Planner be able to bill for this sort of work?
  • Will there be any other expenses that the Wedding Planner is likely to encounter in the course of their work? Will the agreement allow the Wedding Planner to claim for these? If so, how will they be paid and when – either on completion of the project or at routine intervals? What will the process be for authorising expenses?
  • Section D(a) in the Engagement Confirmation sets out that the Wedding Planner could be paid the ‘Deposit’ on the date that the engagement commences.

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