Camper Van Hire Agreement (B2C)

Camper Van Hire Agreement (B2C)


This agreement should be used when a hirer agrees to hire a camper van from the owner. This agreement sets out the basis of the hire, how long you will hire it out for, how much will the hire cost, what each party’s responsibilities are as the owner and the hirer.


You should consider the following:

  • What sort of vehicle is being hired? Be specific as possible (make, model registration, colour etc) – maybe include photographs as an appendix
  • What are the insurance arrangements? Will an excess be charged? How much will the hirer pay for any loss or damage to the van? or if it is stolen?
  • Who will drive the vehicle? Are they old enough (normally minimum age to hire a vehicle is 21)? Do they have a full clean drivers licence, if yes how long for?
  • Does the driver have any medical conditions? If yes, what are they? Do they suggest that hiring the vehicle is too risky?
  • Specify and agree pick up and drop of dates, times and locations.
  • Does the owner want to limit the mileage the hirer can put on the van or where the hirer can take the van? e.g. can they leave the UK?
  • How will the hirer be charged if they exceed the mileage limit?
  • Will membership of the Caravan club be included?
  • Specify payment arrangements. Do you want to take a deposit? Will it be refundable? How much?
  • How can the van costs be paid for – card, cheque etc?
  • Terms for cancellation of agreement – how much notice is needed? Will a percentage be charged for cancellation beyond a certain point?

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