At last! We’re fast approaching one of the most magical times of year.. Christmas! Whether it’s spent with family, friends or loved ones, it’s a very special time of year.

But hang on.. we’re all depending on that one very special person again, Mr Santa Claus!  Luckily for Santa, he’s thought ahead and taken some very good legal advice this year to make sure he can run a tight ship by making sure his legal liabilities are covered!

With so many countries to visit, he also has quite a hazardous occupation so this year, Santa is protecting himself with a full but specific Power of Attorney. What a great idea!  With so much work to do – and with so many risks along the way – this will protect him when he outsources the  management of his legal affairs to his trusted attorney.

In the meantime, Santa’s little helpers have been seeking a bit of legal advice of their own and have suggested entering in to a formal Employment Agreement. Little wonder since they have to work around the clock and opt out of the standard 48-hour week!  It’s hard work being an elf, especially to such an important person, so they might want to consider an Internal Complaints Policy too.  This means that Santa must listen and respond to any complaints they might get over staff performance, customer feedback and Heaven forbid – any returns!

Hopefully returns will be limited this year as Santa intends to put a full Manufacture and Supply Agreement in place.  This means that everything must be of a certain standard – and even then, pass with flying festive colours!  Of course, all Santa’s designs will have all been created and managed under a Design Services Agreement as he is very particular about the quality of goods he delivers to children across the world!

Speaking of being exclusive, Mrs Claus has put all the elves to good use this year and had them design a brand-new sleigh!  This is not only lighter for the reindeer to pull but also means they’ll be able to get around a lot quicker too.  Obviously, the design is top secret so all the elves have been asked to sign a Letter of Confidentiality.  This means they can’t tell anyone about how it was made otherwise they’ll end up in bother!  Sssshhhhh! …

Meanwhile, Mrs Claus has got herself one step ahead with this year’s dropping off list by making sure Santa’s got a Data Purchase Warranty Letter in place.  This means that the company who provides him with the names and addresses of all the good children across the world have been supplied in accordance with the strict rules laid down by the Information Commissioners Office.  The last thing he needs is an ICO officer in pursuit! That will never do.  Mind you, with his new super speed sleigh, they might have problems keeping up with him anyway!

On the subject of keeping up to speed, one of Santa’s elves has turned a bit IT savvy this year and has advised Santa to enter into an Agile Software Development Agreement to have the current Claus system redeveloped to include many more innovative features to help deal with worldwide distribution.  This means the whole team can access the new Claus system wherever they are in the world by simply logging in so Mrs Claus and can provide a bit of logistical support if needed along the way.  Of course, this also means he’ll need SaaS Subscriber Terms to accept the online terms and keep him on the straight and narrow – quite literally, it seems! Subject to Mrs Claus and her team accepting the Mobile App Member Licence Terms and Mobile App Privacy Policy, they will be able to access the new features on their mobiles by downloading the new app.

So, if you’re lucky enough to see Santa and his reindeer this year you can rest assured that they’ve got everything legally covered … handy to know when you’ve got the busiest business in the world!

Ho ho ho!

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