Power of Attorney (Specific) (B2B)

Power of Attorney (Specific) (B2B)


This document enables a person (the principal) to grant another person (the attorney) the power to act on his behalf and in his name.

It is drafted with a business-to-business relationship n mind but could be tailored to suit a business-to-private individual relationship.

This specific power allows the attorney to do only what is contained within the agreement.

If you want to allow the attorney to act generally, or are unsure as to the scope of the work they will be doing, a General Power of Attorney should be used.

If you want to revoke the power granted by a power of attorney, a Revocation of Power of Attorney should be used.


  • Who is the attorney going to be? How many attorneys will there be?
  • If the attorney is a corporate attorney, can it delegate its powers to its directors?
  • If there is more than one attorney, does there have to be absolute agreement between them or will a majority suffice? Is there a minimum number of attorneys that need to agree to a transaction?
  • What transaction does the agreement relate to?
  • Is there a list of documents that the attorney can execute on the principal’s behalf? Will the attorney be able to make amendments to the documents?
  • Will the attorney be able to appoint a substitute?
  • How much indemnity is the principal prepared to provide to the attorney?
  • Do you have a witness present in order to execute the agreement as a deed?

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