Contributor Consent, Release & Assignment Form (Adult Contributor)

Contributor Consent, Release & Assignment Form (Adult Contributor)


For use when asking an adult to provide the Company with a Contribution whether that be an interview, a photo, other copyright materials or some other Contribution.

By signing this consent form the Contributor is giving their permission for their Contribution to be used for the Project (as defined). The Contributor is also agreeing that the Company will own the full legal rights in and to this Contribution (in law, this is called assigning (as opposed to licensing)). This means that the Contributor has given their permission to the Company to do as it wishes with the Contribution. The Contributor shall not claim copyright ownership in respect of the Contribution nor any royalties arising out of the Company’s use of the Contribution.


The Company should consider the following:

  • Has the Contributor fully understood the terms of this agreement, in particular the fact that they are giving up all rights of legal ownership over the Contribution?
  • How much (if anything) will the Comapny be paid to the Contributor? and, has this been agreed in advance?
  • If an interview, do you know what the Contributor is going to say? You may need to seek additional legal advice before broadcast etc if the content is likely to be controversial.
  • Is the Contribution something that you are likely to use?
  • If you do not necessarily need to ‘own’ the Contribution and have it legally assigned to you, or if the Contributor is not happy with a full legal assignment, you could look at a more limited right such as a licence. See Contributor Consent, Release & Licence Form (Adult Contributor).

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