Advertising Campaign Services Agreement (Client & Advertiser Individual) (B2B)

Advertising Campaign Services Agreement (Client & Advertiser Individual) (B2B)


To be used when a business engages the services of an advertising company. This documents sets out the scope of the agreement, what services will be provided, how long will the campaign run for etc.


You should consider the following:

  • Clause 10.4 – this clause allows the client company the option to insist that in the event of one or more errors being made by the advertising company’s negligence, the advertising company has to correct the error(s) and republish the advertising material without the customer having to pay additional costs.
  • Clause 10.5 – this clause limits the liability of the advertising company. This means that the amount recoverable by the client company from the advertising company is limited to the amount paid in fees to the advertising company.
  • For example, if the advertising company makes an error and the client company is sued for false advertising etc, the client company cannot claim back from the advertising any more than it has paid to it to date.

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