Employment contract – Junior (fixed term)

Employment contract – Junior (fixed term)


This document should be used where an employee is being employed on a fixed term basis.

Where an employee is being employed on a permanent basis, an Employment Contract (permanent) should be used.

Where an employee is being employed on a part-time basis, an Employment Contract (part-time) should be used.


  • How long will the employment term last? Will it be possible to give notice to the employee during the employment term? Will notice be needed to end the term?
  • How much will the employee’s basic salary be? How much is the full-time equivalent? How often will the employee be paid, and on what date (e.g. the last Friday of the month)?
  • Is there a bonus scheme available?
  • Who will be the employee’s manager?
  • What hours will the employee work? Will they work on specific days? Will they have a set work schedule or will it change every week? If it changes, how far in advance will it be agreed?
    Will the employee be expected to work weekends?
  • Does the Company have core hours that are of most importance? What are they? (e.g. a bar might have core hours when it predicts it will be the busiest, such as weekends).
  • What will the employee’s duties be?
  • Will the employee have to work outside of the UK? If yes, for how long?
  • When does the Company’s holiday year in? How many holiday days will the employee be entitled to? Does this include public holidays?
  • Will the employee need to use some of their holiday over the Christmas period? How much holiday will they be expected to use over the Christmas period?
  • What is the procedure when an employee is too ill to come into work? What time do they need to inform their manager?
  • If this is your first time employing someone, you may not have your key documents in place. You should have the following docs also:

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