Marketing Services & Website Linking Licence (B2B)

Marketing Services & Website Linking Licence (B2B)


The document is for use where a Service Provider is providing limited Marketing Services for its Client which involves the grant of a licence enabling the Service Provider to link to the Client’s website in order for the Service Provider to promote the goods and/or services of the Client on behalf of the Client.


What you should think about:

  • What is the scope of the Marketing Services to be performed by the Service Provider?
  • What duration will the Licence Term be?
  • What notice period is required to terminate the Licence?
  • What Marketing Fees (if any) are payable in respect of the Marketing Services? by what method? when?
  • The Service Provider is granted the non-exclusive right to use the Client Trade Marks and Client Materials for the duration of the Licence Term to enable the Service Provider to perform the services.
  • At Clause 4.4, there is the option for the Service Provider to increase the Marketing Fees?
  • Optional Service Provider obligations are set out in Clause 5. Consider if all or some are acceptable and retain/ delete accordingly.
  • The Client warrants and represents to the Service Provider at Clause 6.3 that it has all the necessary rights, permissions and consents to use the intellectual property in the Client Materials and any personal data (Client Customer Data) and to grant the Service Provider rights to use the same.
  • The data protection clause 7 places the Client under an obligation to have procured the lawful consents of any third party customers to use, process and transfer their personal data pertaining to the Service Provider where such is relevant.

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