This document is to be used on a website principally (but not limited) to:

  • assert proprietary rights in respect of the site’s contents;
  • explain permitted uses of the site and any restrictions;
  • disclaim your liability for certain things e.g. ensuring the site’s content is kept up-to-date, or a person’s inability to use the site effectively (not in relation to specific legal risks or to any specific legalities);

Note that if you have more interactive features on your site, you will probably need a few more clauses added e.g. if your site has members who are provided with logins and you invite your members to post content, you will need to include an intellectual property licence in here which ensures that your members grant you permission to deal with their content. There are also no provisions made for e-commerce or any specific or unusual technical functionality.

Please note that this is a separate policy to any of the following which are used where you sell goods or services via your website:

Privacy Policy (website e-commerce)

Website Terms & Conditions (Business to Business – Goods)

Website Terms & Conditions (Business to Customer – Services)

Website Terms & Conditions (Business to Business – Services)

Website Terms & Conditions (Business to Customer – Goods)

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