Website Linking Licence (B2B)

Website Linking Licence (B2B)


This document is used when an owner of a website (person A) is agreeing that another website owner (person B) can include a link to Person A’s website on their (Person B’s) website.


  • What are the terms of the licence? How long is it to run for?
  • Is the link to be used for commercial or non-commercial means by Person B?
  • How will the licence be terminated? Can either side notify the other of their intention to cancel? How long will the notice period be?
  • How will any intellectual property be protected?
  • How will Person B handle any data arising from the linking agreement? Does Person A need to be aware of these arrangements?
  • What extent will Person B be liable to Person A (or vice versa) for any claims relating to their conduct in line with this agreement?

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