Volunteer and Confidentiality Letter

Volunteer and Confidentiality Letter


When engaging someone to work for you on a voluntary basis.

You are not entering into an employment relationship with the Volunteer (there won’t necessarily be set hours to work and of course they won’t be paid) but nevertheless you should ensure that the scope of the voluntary arrangement is set out in writing.

If a volunteer is to have access to confidential or sensitive information you should obtain their agreement that they will not misuse or disclose this information (as you would an actual employee). Remember, you may still be held liable for any breach of data protection law, even if attributed to a volunteer, so it is important to obtain an agreement in writing from the volunteer that they will adhere to your confidentiality and data protection policies.


You should consider the following:

  • Are you insured to accommodate volunteers within your business?
  • What duties will the volunteer have?
  • Do you want to specify a preferred commitment from the volunteer? i.e. how many hours would you like them to commit to?
  • What training or induction support does the volunteer require? How long will this take?
  • Supervision arrangements for the volunteer – how much supervision is necessary for them and on what basis (direct supervision or from a distance)? Do you have adequate staffing resources to ensure that the volunteer is supervised and that your staff’s productivity levels are maintained?
  • Will you be prepared to meet travel and/or subsistence expenses? If so, to what level and what proof will you need to see to support expense claims? How often will you pay expenses?
  • Are there any other company policies that you would like the volunteer to agree to adhere to, for example IT/Web use policies, Health & Safety, finance etc? This will be dependant on what duties the volunteer is likely to have.

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