Job offer letter

Job offer letter


This document should be used to offer someone a job following an interview.

It should be accompanied with either a contract of employment or terms of employment.


  • Who was the initial interview with, and when was it held?
  • Is the position being offered full-time or part-time? Is it for a fixed-term?
  • How many days will the employee work? What days will the employee work?
  • What is the job title and salary of the position?
  • Has the contract of employment or terms of employment been attached to the letter? They need to be.
  • Do you have a company handbook? Will it form part of the employee’s contract?
  • Is the re a probationary period? How long will it be for?
  • How may references do you want to see? Do they have to be from specific people? Does the new employee’s current employer need to provide a reference (is this a practical request)?
  • If the employee doesn’t hold a relevant passport, who should they contact to find out the documents they need to provide?
  • Is a medical report of medical questionnaire necessary?
  • Is the position reliant on certain qualifications or examinations? Which ones? Do examinations need to be passed on the first attempt, or is a re-take acceptable?
  • Are there any other conditions which need to be satisfied?
  • Should the employee wait to resign until you have confirmed that all of the conditions have been satisfied? If so, when and how will you inform them?
  • Who should acceptance be sent to?
  • How long does the employee have to accept the offer?

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