Holiday Lettings Bundle

Holiday Lettings Bundle


This agreement is used when a homeowner is engaging the services of a third party to market their property for them in respect of short-term holiday lets. It sets out the respective responsibilities of the homeowner and the third party. It includes the following terms:

  • the Homeowner Commercial Terms and Terms and Conditions at Schedule 1;
  • the Guest Booking Terms and Conditions set out in Schedule 2;
  • the Property Inventory set out in Schedule 3; and
  • the Data Processing Addendum set out in Schedule 4


You should consider the following:

  • The nature of the relationship and scope of the services i.e. is the homeowner asking the company to only market the property or will the company act as an agent of the homeowner? e.g. managing bookings, dealing with maintenance issues that may arise etc. Will the homeowner allow the company to lease the property from them for a period in which the company will be responsible for managing the property?
  • How long will this agreement be in effect for?
  • Clause 2.1 – This optional clause sets out that the homeowner is responsible for the cleaning of the property. It also states that if in the reasonable opinion of the guest or the company that the cleaning hasn’t been done to a sufficient standard, the company can arrange for the cleaning but the homeowner will be responsible for meeting the costs.
  • Clause 2.2. – Similarly to 2.1, this optional clause sets out that the homeowner will be responsible for cleaning and changing the linen at the property. It also states that if in the reasonable opinion of a guest or company that the linen is not sufficiently clean, the company will arrange for the linen to be cleaned. Again, this is to be at the homeowner’s costs.
  • Clause 2.3 – This optional clause sets the process to follow in relation to any minor maintenance issues that develop. The clause states that the company will serve a written notice on the homeowner as to what work needs to be done. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to get the work done and if they fail, or the work is deemed to be insufficient, the company can engage their own contractor to fix the problem. The homeowner will be responsible for costs.
  • Clause 2.4 – This clause sets out how much the company will be able to charge the homeowner per booking (this is called Commission)
  • Clause 2.7 – This clause sets out that in addition to charging the company their commission, the company may be able to charge the guest a fee to cover costs of making the booking. This is called a booking fee and is normally a nominal fee or percentage of the cost of the booking.
  • Clause 2.8 – deals with Optional Extras to be provided by the Company for use by the Guest e.g. weekly car parking pass; travel cot; travel cot linen; high chair; stair gate; pushchairs; baby bath; microwave steriliser; bed guard.
  • Clause 2.9 – Depending on the arrangements for cleaning, linen, maintenance etc as set out 2.1 – 2.8 Inc., this clause allows the company to deduct and retain the costs of these prior to paying the balance due to the Homeowner.
  • Clause 3 – this clause sets out the fees that the Guest is liable for:
    • Clause 3 (a) – Will a guest be required to pay a sum upfront to be used in the event that the property is damaged during their stay? How much will this be? When is it to be paid? When is it to be paid back? How long does the Company or Homeowner have to assess whether any damage has been caused?
    • Clause 3 (b) – Will the Guest be required to pay a deposit when making the booking (possibly during busy times of the year?) How much will this payment be? (a flat sum or a % of the overall booking?) who will hold it? (the Homeowner or the Company) When will it be due to be paid?
    • Clause 3 (c) – When will the balance for the booking be due?
    • Clause 3 (d) – If the booking is being made at shorter notice, will the Company be entitled to charge the booking fee in one sum?
    • Clause 3 (e) – Allows the company to charge their booking fee regardless of when the booking was made.
    • Clause 3 (f) – Allows the Company to charge the Guest should they want to use any of the Optional Extras when the booking is made.

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