The Hidden Cost of Free Business Templates

The Hidden Cost of Free Business Templates

It goes without saying that anyone setting up a new business will be mindful of costs during the early start-up phase and legal costs are certainly a cause of monetary angst. Associating Solicitors and other legal necessities to a rapidly depleting bank account is extremely common. Saving money wherever possible is always a plus!

Free business templates

It is hardly surprising that a large percentage of fledgling businesses will be tempted by, and possibly indulge in some of those free business templates that can be found all over the internet. A quick Google search and you have a seemingly unlimited supply of free documents. You’re saving money already! But are you really?

Free templates can certainly give the illusion of money saving and will give you a general idea of what your business needs in terms of wording. What they will NOT give you is a legally binding document that you can trust to your business. Free templates also tend to be very generalised – to cover as many different business scenarios as possible. There can never be a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your business legals, nor should there be! Can you be absolutely sure that the free document is even for UK legislature?

Business arrangements that are more complex – such as shareholder agreements and their associated paperwork and procedures, will often be very unique to the business they are written for. Getting them right first time is absolutely critical. Is it really worth the risk?

Business templates from just £5

We offer a select range of business legal agreements to purchase and download that are continually approved and maintained by UK legal and business professionals. Some of which, while not free, can be bought for just £5. Each document has been written and meticulously checked and re-checked to ensure they cover your business. They are also very easy to understand and user-friendly!

Also, unlike other online companies, we don’t use or promote external sites – all of our content is created by us, for you! Our other services such as Request-a-Quote and Document Check-Up are complimentary and are all solely for providing you a smooth, easy and affordable experience.

When it comes to your business, you have to risk assess. It simply isn’t worth putting your entire business at risk to save a few pounds here and there. Your time is priceless and so is your peace of mind.

Get in touch, we’re ready to help get you started!

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