CloudLegal’s Yvonne Morris and Zoe Lagadec are looking forward to attending the 2017 Scilly Business Show next week.

Cornwall-based Yvonne and Zoe, who specialise in working with SMEs and micro-businesses will be on hand to give expert advice and guidance on employment law and data protection at the event at Lifelong Learning on St Mary’s
Zoe is an employment law solicitor and her focus will be on employment contracts, particularly for seasonal workers. She will also look at key employment law legislation using recent examples and case studies and discuss the importance of distinguishing between employees, workers and the self-employed.

Data Protection and Direct Marketing come under the spotlight with Yvonne, who will help delegates navigate current data protection rules, especially around “consent” in collecting personal data and sending direct marketing communications to them. There’ll be in depth discussion on areas such as “Opt-in, Opt-out” consent, e-mail and SMS marketing, extended data subject rights and practical risk management.

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