IP Strategy LawChat is a new kind of fixed-price Intellectual Property brainstorming service for the legal marketplace for the benefit of business owners.

Why is it needed?

When Intellectual Property (IP) information is freely available at


and IP advice is widely offered, why do businesses need a new product? The problem is that traditional audits of intellectual property always conclude with a list of (costly) actions and dire warnings about the risks of not taking every single one of those actions.  But they tell you very little about which of those actions are business-critical, which are desirable and which you should put in the “maybe one day” box.  They also tend to present a list of actions firmly in the auditing lawyer’s niche area, be that trade mark filing, patent applications or IP licences.

In other words, they are not business-centred. They are advisor-centred.

What a business owner needs to know is, which Intellectual Property investment rightly takes priority above the other calls on working capital, and which is simply optional.

What an IP Strategy LawChat will tell you?

IP Strategy LawChat is a service from leading lawyers with decades of experience in commercial IP and IP disputes gained not just in law firms but also in-house.

We can, of course, deal with your immediate IP concerns and offer technical excellence as standard but we will also use our experience to give you a context that will help you make better decisions in future.

What you need to know is:

  • On a scale of 1-10, how central IP is to your business (and no, it’s not always a 10);
  • Which IP matters most and – just as importantly – which matters least;
  • How valuable to you (not your attorneys) is your patent and trade mark portfolio;
  • How to set your priorities to match your working capital.

So, if you’ve ever wanted an experienced objective steer about the best way to direct your budget, the IP Strategy LawChat is the strategic exploratory advice session for you. For just a £99 fixed fee, book a one hour IP Strategy LawChat.


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