GDPR Strategy LawChat – You are ‘accountable’ so be responsible with ‘personal data’ and you will reduce your risk of a data breach …

GDPR Strategy LawChat is a fixed-price GDPR brainstorming service for the benefit of all business owners who collect, use, store and process personal data relating to clients, customers and staff.

Why is it needed?

GDPR information is freely available at So, with this and other useful resources including the GDPR itself being available, why do businesses need the GDPR Strategy LawChat ?

The GDPR is a complex piece of legislation with stringent requirements.

Businesses need to:

  • know their legal basis for processing and the new rights of the data subject
  • have different fair processing notices drafted for clients/ customers and staff
  • be able to process a Subject Access Request within 30 days
  • be able to map out all of their data
  • have processes in place to deal with a data breach
  • have data protection agreements in place with all third party data processors
  • have the ability to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • train all staff who process personal data

This is only a small portion of the duties that are required under the GDPR. Accountability is a major component of the GDPR and businesses need to be a prove that they are legally compliant.

The GDPR applies to all businesses that process the data of EU citizens and will apply in the UK post-Brexit.

As a business owner, you need to know what applies to you, how the GDPR will impact you and your business specifically and what you need to do to manage your legal compliancy.

What an GDPR Strategy LawChat will tell you?

GDPR Strategy LawChat is a service from leading practitioners who are experienced in data protection and the GDPR. So, whether you are:

  1. confused about what you need to do in your business to ensure that you are GDPR-compliant and you would like to explore a strategy to set you up in the right direction; or
  2. solely concerned with direct marketing and you would like to talk in-depth about the rules and processes around your ability to lawfully market to your customers by various different methods e.g. telephone, SMS, email, mail; or
  3. a business owner (and an employer) and you recognise that you would benefit from being clearer on the enhanced rights of “Data Subjects” that the GDPR provides for e.g. how to procure consents of staff, clients and sub-contractors, the right to access, data portability, correction, erasure, objection and the restriction of processing of personal data and generally, fair processing rules; or
  4. changing your hosting company from the UK to a country based abroad and/ or your business is expanding abroad and you need information on how you can lawfully transfer personal data to or from a different country; or
  5. concerned about a mixture of the above;

be assured that for just a £99 fixed fee (no VAT) charge, you will benefit from having an experienced data protection specialist provide you with an objective steer about the best way for you to deal with your data protection compliancy requirements during a strategic, exploratory advice session.

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Author: Yvonne Morris



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