GDPR penzanceCloudLegal have teamed up with Microcomms (a technology company based in the southwest – to deliver a 360 legal/IT solution to help businesses to achieve GDPR compliance and implement best practice IT security levels. Having ‘appropriate technical and organisational measures’ in place to protect personal data and to support compliance of the GDPR is a pre-requisite for achieving compliance. See flyer here.

The two elements of the services are in many ways inseparable therefore we are offering a synergised solution to help you on your road to compliance. What follows is a brief idea of how we can help your business:

LEGAL: Amongst other things, legal support can help you and your staff to:

  • assess your current levels of compliancy by way a GDPR Audit;
  • gain a solid working knowledge of the GDPR and what is involved;
  • understand your responsibilities as a Data Controller or Data Processor in relation to any data set;
  • understand what obligations you have towards your customers, clients and staff members;
  • assist you to have up-to-date data protection policy documents, process documents and forms;
  • fulfil security obligations, cross-border controls, data breach notifications and subject access requests; and, understand the role of the Supervisory Authority – the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

IT SECURITY: In tandem with the above, IT security support can help you to implement the technological measures required to be put in place by way of:

  • carrying out a risk assessment of your current levels of IT security to avoid a data breach;
  • putting in place provisions (and processes) to maintain the integrity of, and to test your resilience and restoration of, personal data;
  • setting up security and event logs on servers, workstations and laptops;
  • setting up and managing passwords;
  • employing pseudonymisation/ encryption technologies where appropriate.

If you would like to find out more on what we would propose to help you on the road to GDPR compliance, please kindly fill in the questionnaire here:

Upon receipt of your questionnaire, we will discuss things on our end and respond to you with suggested next steps along with our availability.

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