Website Support Agreement (Subscription OR PAYG Hourly) (B2B)

Website Support Agreement (Subscription OR PAYG Hourly) (B2B)


This document is used when Business A engages Business B to provide support services in connection with the operation of Business A’s website.


How many websites is the agreement to cover?

How long is the agreement to run for? Is it an ongoing arrangement or is there to be a defined period of operation? What will the arrangements be for termination? Will there be an agreed notice period of either side’s intention to terminate the agreement? If so, how long?

How will Business B charge Business A? Subscription? Hourly?

What are the payment terms to be? How will Business B bill Business B? how often will Business A be billed? When will Business A have to pay Business B by?

What are the scope of the support services that Business B will provide to Business A?

What will the response times targets be for Business B to address any issues? Will there be any penalty by way of e.g. service credits payable by Business B to Business A if these times aren’t adhered to? If so, how much?

Consider data protection, confidentiality issues arising from Business B’s work for Business A.

To what extent will Business B be liable to Business A should a claim be made against Business A to which Business B is wholly or partly responsible? Is liability limited to a set fee or to a proportion of the claim that Business A can identify as being attributable to Business B’s actions?

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