GDPR360 – Consultant Led Audit Package

GDPR360 – Consultant Led Audit Package



The above price represents 60% of the complete package price which will be charged at checkout. A final payment of 40% shall be invoiced to you and shall be payable within 7 days of submission of the relevant suite of GDPR templates identified as being required in the GDPR Compliance Task Recommendations.


Package Contents

GDPR Awareness Workshop

Training is a GDPR obligation, not a choice! Your staff need to know how to handle and protect data i.e. they need to know their GDPR legal obligations. Sessions are for up to 6 delegates. Sessions can be delivered onsite or remotely.

GDPR Audit

When you make your first payment (60%), our first step will be to send you the GDPR Audit Prep Tasks Bundle. You and your team will be required to complete the pre-audit tasks prior to us carrying out the audit with you. This exercise will help us to identify and locate personal data within the business and will help us to successfully complete the audit with you (either over the phone or at your premises). The bundle will contain a letter explaining the prep tasks i.e.

  • what they are called (Resource);
  • the law around them (Law); and,
  • how to go about completing them (Task).

You will be provided with the 6 template resources. These templates will form part of your basic GDPR Compliance Programme.

An audit is a discovery process. The audit document we will use fully aligns with your GDPR obligations as a Data Controller and/ or Data Processor under the GDPR. Undertaking an audit will enable us to assess your ‘current’ levels of compliancy and it will evidence that you take the requirements of the GDPR seriously and respect its aims and objectives with regards to the protection of, and lawful processing of, a data subject’s personal data.

GDPR Compliance Task Recommendations

Next, when we have completed the audit with you, we will review it (along with anything else discussed) and compile a schedule of GDPR Compliance Task Recommendations. You will use this document to assign tasks, chart and monitor progress over time to achieve and maintain better data protection compliance.

GDPR Documentation

Based on the GDPR Compliance Task Recommendations, you will also receive a suite of GDPR templates to assist you with your GDPR Compliance Programme as required. A list can be found Here.

Note that should you need further assistance with your templates, check out our Document CheckUp service.

Amongst other things, legal support can help staff to:

  • assess current levels of compliancy by way a GDPR Audit;
  • gain a solid working knowledge of the GDPR and what is involved;
  • understand its’ responsibilities as a Data Controller or Data Processor in relation to any data set;
  • understand what obligations it has towards customers, clients and staff members;
  • put in place up-to-date documentation e.g. policies and forms; and,
  • understand the role of the Supervisory Authority – the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Important information

  • Timings: Anticipated time span for work to be completed: 3 – 4 weeks. Work is performed remotely unless agreed otherwise. Onsite visits may incur expenses.
  • Package Billing & Service Terms: 60% payable now online to secure the booking and for work to commence and 40% payable within 7 days of completion which shall be upon submission of the templates following the delivery of the GDPR Compliance Task Recommendations.
  • Service Terms: the CloudLegal Service Terms.
  • Consultancy Fees: Any further fees for additional consultancy from senior contracts solicitor and/ or privacy practitioner are payable at £149phr (no VAT) in accordance with the CloudLegal Service Terms.
  • Expenses: reasonable expenses may be payable for onsite visits where it is requested that the delivery of the workshop and/ or audit is undertaken onsite.