GDPR compliance: is it worth gambling with your business?

GDPR compliance: is it worth gambling with your business?

The GDPR compliance grace period set by the ICO comes to an end on May 25th 2018 and the question on many people’s minds is, how will the ICO be able to police GDPR compliancy? Data controllers and data processors (who are both legally responsible under the GDPR) are stretched as it is!

All too often, businesses say…”oh well, let’s just bide our time because they’ll never notice us as we are just a small business so I suspect we won’t be on their radar!” CAREFUL! Companies who do this are taking a huge risk because the majority of the GDPR requirements apply to all sizes of businesses equally and the rights of the data subject apply across the board. With this, there is no further grace period to demonstrate that you take the GDPR requirements seriously and are compliant so whatever your size, you need to act now and be ready.

The delusion is that the risk lies solely with enforcements and the enhanced fines that can be imposed by the ICO, however, other risks can be far more destructive for a small business e.g.  tarnished reputations and loss of customer/client/partner trust. Other than the ICO itself, the more likely ways that a business will come to blows with the ICO are down to individuals and other businesses and organisations reporting them. Some examples of those who can dob you in if you are deemed to be failing to lawfully process and protect personal data may include irritated employees, whistleblowers, unhappy clients or customers and even revengeful competitors.

The GDPR has set down the rules and requirements and businesses are expected by the ICO and their customers, clients and partners to be proactive in ensuring that they can at least demonstrate a GDPR compliance planning process in the lead up to (and compliance by) 25th May 2018.

Well where can we start?

We can help with that. Aligning with the obligations laid down in the GDPR, the GDPR Ready Audit that we offer is one of the most comprehensive, sensible and affordable ways to help a business understand for themselves what they need to do and assess their own preparations for GDPR compliance.

First, you can download the GDPR Awareness Q&A Fact Sheet for FREE here.

You then need to purchase and download the GDPR Full Audit and successfully complete it. Once you have done this, you have the option to follow this up with the purchase of a GDPR Audit Report & Review carried out by one of our GDPR practitioners. You will be provided with a recommended schedule of GDPR tasks to assist your compliance.


Be GDPR ready and gain the trust of your customers, partners and clients.

Why not also check out the GDPR template documents, policies, forms and notices available here so you have covered your bases!

CloudLegal also offers consultant-led GDPR support, audits and consultancy for complete peace of mind.

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