If you have a CloudLegal Pro Membership or you are on a CloudLegal Enterprise Membership which includes 15 mins legal expert chats as inclusive features, you can book as many as you are entitled to under your membership without making any further payment.

Once you have used up your membership allowance you can book additional 15 mins legal expert chats at any time using our CloudLegal LawChat service. You simply fill in your brief details by selecting your best available slot from the calendar and pay the fee of £20 per chat. Once paid, this fee is non-refundable unless you provide us with at least 24 hours’ notice by email to hello@cloudlegalsupport.com.

Your calls which are included as part of your membership must be on separate legal issues.

If you require further and more focused and detailed legal advice, you can Request-a-Quote. CloudLegal Members can request a quote for free. Legal quotes are up to 75% lower than the national law firm average hourly rate.

Please be aware you will not be eligible for the 15 mins legal expert chats if you cancel rather than renew your CloudLegal Pro Membership (or if your membership under a CloudLegal Enterprise Membership is cancelled).