Where you are a CloudLegal member, you can cancel your membership at any time by emailing us at hello@cloudlegalsupport.com.

Your CloudLegal Pro Membership (or your membership where you are part of a CloudLegal Enterprise Membership) will however continue for the minimum 12-month membership contract term even where you choose to stop using the services and your payments (or the payments of the CloudLegal Enterprise) will continue to be due and payable for each of the remaining months (where paid monthly as opposed to an upfront annual payment).

Payments for the monthly or annual CloudLegal Pro Membership or CloudLegal Enterprise Membership are auto-renewing. If You do not wish to renew Your subscription, you must let CL know no later than fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the end of the 12-month subscription. You can do this by contacting us.

Please contact us if you need help cancelling your CloudLegal membership.