Data request and objection to data processing forms

Data request and objection to data processing forms2018-02-16T11:51:32+00:00
Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) Form

Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) Form

There is no requirement to complete this form but the information provided will help us to respond to your request.

CloudLegal Support will normally only accept requests by the data subject or someone authorised to act on their behalf; unless there is a legitimate reason why the data subject is unable to make the request independently.

Proof of identity

This application must be accompanied by a photocopy of a document that includes your full name, address and DOB e.g. driving license or passport. This information can be emailed to us here.


Objection to data processing under legitimate interests

Objection to data processing under legitimate interests

There are some processing activities that we undertake because they are in our legitimate interests (or those of a third party). These activities are outlined in our privacy notices. You have a right to object to such processing. In some cases, if you object we will cease the processing your personal data for the purpose to which you object. However, in other cases, we will first need to undertake an assessment to determine whether your objection to a specific purpose is sufficient to override the legitimate interest in continuing to processing the data for that purpose. Where appropriate, we will consider whether the processing activities can be refined or limited or additional safeguards put in place.

You can raise an objection by completing this form. We will consider and respond to all objections within 21 days. Please bear in mind that in some cases, objections to processing may affect our ability to provide services intended for your benefit.

Please detail any damage or distress that would be caused to the data subject by this data processing.
Please explain what you would like us to do.
By data subject.