GDPR Full Audit (with notes)

GDPR Full Audit (with notes)



The GDPR Full Audit offers a sensible and affordable DIY audit solution to suit your budget that you can use for your business to:

  • understand what you need to do and assess your own preparations for, and levels of, GDPR compliance; and,
  • assist with the implementation of your own GDPR Compliance Programme.

The document fully aligns with your key obligations in the GDPR.

Carrying out a GDPR Audit will demonstrate that you take the requirements of the GDPR seriously and respect its aims and objectives with regards to the protection of, and lawful processing of, a data subject’s personal data.

The audit document includes a complimentary Processing Records Database (excel) for you to use in tandem with the audit. A data controller or data processor should maintain records of processing activities under its responsibility and be obliged to cooperate with the supervisory authority and make those records, on request, available to it, so that it might serve for monitoring those processing operations (Recital 82).

If you would like to have a GDPR practitioner review your completed audit and provide you with a recommended schedule of GDPR compliance tasks for you to complete, you will need to satisfactorily complete and upload your GDPR Audit and purchase a GDPR Audit Review & Report.

With appropriate and lawful GDPR compliance planning in place, you can harness and grow a mutual trust with your customers, partners and clients.

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